The Midas Watch

MICHAEL M. THOMAS is a bestselling, author, journalist, former museum curator and Wall Street partner. He wrote “The Midas Watch”, a commentary on getting and spending, for The New York Observerfrom the date of the paper’s foundation in October, 1987 until May, 2009. He has published nine books. His most recent release is Fixers.


Now that has successfully launched, I say “successfully” on the basis of the rave feedback I’ve been getting for the site’s appearance and ease of use. All of this is 99% due to the hard work and clear-minded thinking that you and your colleagues Jennifer and Greg at AuthorsOnTheWeb have brought to this project. I can only hope that over time the content I post on the site will receive such praise!

It wasn’t always easy for your team. I’m an old guy, a veritable antique when it comes to digital techniques and technology. What is intuitive for my grandchildren can be an utter puzzlement to me. So as grateful as I am to you guys for your skill and imagination in designing and setting up the site, equally grateful am I for the patience and intelligence in helping me navigate the tricky channels of WordPress. All in all, a five-star, A++++ performance on your part. I am a totally satisfied client!