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They do top-notch work and provide an invaluable service to publishers and writers everywhere. - Jonathan Karp

Our Services

Our custom-designed websites meet a wide range of needs --- and budgets. The AuthorsOnTheWeb team will work closely with you to create a site that not only showcases your work but is an effective marketing and publicity tool. We build our sites in content management systems (CMS) so that authors who wish to have the capacity to update their websites on their own, independent of having our AuthorsOnTheWeb team make their website updates, can do so. We also continue to maintain websites, so that if you do not want the responsibility of making updates to your site, you can send along any changes to our AuthorsOnTheWeb team and we will handle updating your site.

Basic Content Management System (CMS) Package
This package is ideal for a debut author or an author with 1-2 books and no additional "platform". A basic site could include sections for the books, the author, news & events, book clubs, and a blog. Please contact us for a full proposal and price quote.
Advanced Content Management System (CMS) Package
For authors with more than two titles or those who are looking for a more robust online presence, we will help you design a larger website once we have more details about your work and how you would like to interact with readers. Please contact us for a full proposal and price quote.
Other Services
Extra services that we offer include, but are not limited to, Flash, Photo Galleries, Contests, Email, Newsletters and Copywriting/Editing.
Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
On initial launch we make efforts to use the most updated techniques and technology to optimize your website for search engine rankings. However, current methodologies rely more on variables such as the number of links to your site and the measure of traffic on your site to dictate rankings.
Traffic Reporting
We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic to our websites. Google Analytics is powerful and flexible tool with easy-to-use features so that you can see and analyze your traffic data. Learn more about Google Analytics

Added Value

  • Website listing on
  • News and information listed on the homepage of
  • News and information added to AOTW Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Upcoming titles listed in the Coming Soon feature on
  • Upcoming titles listed in two “On Sale This Week” newsletter
  • Title listing in the New in Paperback section on the homepage of when applicable
  • If the title or author is featured editorially on The Book Report Network with a review, feature, or editorial newsletter promotion there will be a link to the author's website (Please note that we will offer your latest book to our reviewers, as we do with all books that we want covered on our editorial websites, but please there are no guarantees of a review for any title. Unlike other companies, our reviewers select the titles they want to review. They are not assigned.)