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They do top-notch work and provide an invaluable service to publishers and writers everywhere. - Jonathan Karp

Internet Marketing/Publicity

We all know the power of the Internet. Throughout the day readers gather and chat online, share ideas and swap book suggestions. They’re on message boards, blogs, and social networking sites that provide opportunity to share information about a book of interest to them while they are actively seeking information. And we know how to find these readers. Since 2000 we have been marketing books and authors on the web, garnering a reputation as a leader in providing this service. 

With a Broad Outreach Campaign spanning six weeks, our priority is to ensure your book reaches the right readers. How do we do this? For each campaign we search the Internet until we find just the appropriate websites and blogs to pitch --- outlets that may actually have an interest in your title, looking at the book from as many angles as possible. Our approach has earned us the trust of numerous reviewers and bloggers --- and we continuously work to forge new relationships. Arranging reviews, giveaways and interviews with these online media outlets are just a few of the ways we can get your book noticed.

An alternative to our Broach Outreach Campaign is our Blog Tour Service. A blog tour is a more concentrated campaign as it focuses on a specific number of book blogs or topic blogs. AuthorsOnTheWeb will work with each blog to assign a day for coverage to appear. Coverage could consist of reviews, interviews, guest posts and giveaways. Not every book is appropriate for a blog tour. AuthorsOnTheWeb will provide guidance on whether booking a blog tour or a full Internet Marketing/Publicity campaign is recommended. Pricing will be determined on a project-by-project basis.

We’ve successfully marketed more than 300 books in a variety of genres. We invite you to take a look at some of those campaigns and read our client testimonials. We look forward to using our expertise to build online awareness for your book.